Question: Is there an extra charge for delivery of our mobility scooter, beach wheelchair or manual wheelchair?

Answer: If you are staying in the Virginia Beach area on vacation, we will deliver to your hotel for free. We will also deliver to Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Hampton, Virginia for a small additional cost. Please call for your location.

Question: Will you deliver the scooter to any convention in Virginia Beach?

Answer: Yes, we’ll deliver to any location in the Hampton Roads area.

Question: Where should I pick up my scooter?

Answer: You should pick up your scooter at the hotel’s front desk, however we’d like to meet with all renters in order to show them how to operate the equipment.

Question: Where should I return my scooter?

Answer: You should return your scooter where you originally picked it up. Call to let your scooter representative know that you are leaving your equipment at the front desk of your hotel.

Question: I have never used a scooter before. Can the delivery driver be there when I arrive?

Answer: Yes of course. Our company will always offer personalized service to our guests. That means that a person with five years of experience will talk directly to you and explain everything that you will need to know about the scooter (troubleshooting etc…). We will also show you how to break down the scooter for easy travel to site-seeing areas.

Question: What should I do if my scooter doesn’t work?

Answer: You should contact us with any questions about your equipment. All our scooters have labels on them with our telephone number so it is very easy to contact us anytime. As a customer-oriented company we take great pride to achieve 100% satisfaction.

Question: Is there a cancellation fee?

Answer: No. We do, however, require that you cancel your reservation within 48 hours of your scheduled delivery to avoid penalty.

Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: There are some factors to consider first:

  • A. Type of scooter being rented.
  • B. Weight of the customer/operator.
  • C. Where it’s being driven (hills tend to drain the battery quicker).

Question: Are all of yours scooters portable?

Answer: Yes they are. We will also show you how to break them down for easy transport.

Question: Which scooter would you recommend me?

Answer: There are two things to consider:

  • A: If you are under 200lb or a little bit more we recommend the Pride Go- Go Elite Traveler because this scooter is the # 1 scooter on the market in being extra light weight. It is portable and easy to maneuver especially inside hotels and convention room areas where there are lots of people.
  • B: If you are between 250lb and 350lb, we recommend the Victory 10 and/or Pride Go Go Traveler Heavy Duty because they are the best standard 4 wheel scooter in the market. They are also portable, good for indoor and outdoor use as well.