1st Mobility Scooter Rentals’ Mission is to provide great  care to our customers in need of mobility scooters and wheelchair services. We will deliver a professional attitude, quick service and clean equipment to our clients. We will be consistent, fair, honest and extend help to all those in need. We will be faster, better, more knowledgeable of our products and more reliable than our competition. Customers will be treated like family and thanked for doing business with us. Attaining our vision requires superior and repetitive improvement of our customer service and performance in every way. We will grow to become one of the largest mobility service producers on the East Coast.

Our customer service will be guided by a clear and to-the-point attitude that our customers come first and are our top priority. We will continue to work hard and smart and strive for excellence within all operational and staff functions. Striving for excellence requires hiring, producing, developing and retaining diverse employees of the highest quality. To support this mission, each function employs continued dedication and loyalty to our clients that will reflect and maintain world-class status.